Have you ever noticed that the older a person becomes, the more they suffered as a child? They had to walk further to school with fewer clothes in harsher weather conditions.

The mid-aged and older generation did not go through this millennia thing. Growing up with a social presence everywhere and everyone looking over their shoulders to see whether they are doing it right or not. Their parent’s did shout and scream, they did hand out the odd smack here and there as well.  They were even disciplined in school as well, imagine that.

The world and current country you’re living in, economy, everything, yes even the digital era we are all in, built by those children. Children did not kill parents, or went into schools and started shooting other kids. Well, I suppose it did happen in a smaller capacity, but sure as hell, not the way it is happening today.

So what am I saying?  Those children were disciplined and brought up in the way that everyone is now frowning upon, saying it is a big no-no. Yet, those children were and still are able to function as normal grown-ups. They had normal careers, building the nation, economy and without trying to kill every second person they see. I am not saying everything was done 100%, but if I look at what was achieved by those “poor” kids, that were the victims of bad parenting, then surely the parenting was not that bad? Well, I might even say it was pretty damn good.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s have a look at us, the millennia parent.

  • Millennia Society  and social screams

There are internet, blogs, blogs about blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and lots and lots of cameras, yes those nasty little cameras sitting in cell-phones, just waiting to capture the next viral video for YouTube. Everywhere we read about how bad this and that is. Viral Video – “Look at this mother pulling the poor little innocent child by his arm, almost maiming him for life” Everyone screams: “ BAD MOTHER, STONE HER” but the prologue was not captured on video.

The part where the little snot-nosed kid, took a glass bottle from the shelf in Walmart, then tossed it over the floor just seeing spaghetti and tomato juice everywhere. He then went on running around screaming from the top of his lungs, just because the “very bad” mother wanted to get her son under control. As a last resort and filled with embarrassment, she grabbed him by the arm, just to get out of Walmart to go and crawl into a hole out of shame.

  • Millennia parents are scared to discipline

I do not understand this, how can we be scared to discipline our children? Somewhere parents and society decided that it is not a good idea to discipline kids. What will happen to the poor kid’s self-esteem? We are so scared that maybe we are saying and doing the wrong things. Children should learn, for every action there is a reaction, either positive or negative, and their actions have consequences.

  • Millennia parents believe their child is their best friend

What? This cannot be, yes we might have a very good relationship with our child, and that is great, but if he or she is our very best friend, we have a problem. I will also not listen to my very best friend if he drinks a beer with me tonight, and the next day tells me I cannot go out and drink a beer with my mates. You cannot be best friends and be the parent, it is one or the other. Please do not misunderstand me. I have a great relationship with my children, we sit upright through the night and into the early mornings just talking about everything. However, they do realize that it is a parent-child relationship and not a friendship.

  • Millennia parents do not set boundaries

There are no boundaries, really none. Time is of no essence to today’s children, no need to be on time or adhere to a timetable. Gone are the days telling our children what the curfew is. Millennia parents now very politely ask them when they will be home, and I do not mean when tonight. I mean when, like in tomorrow, this week? when. There is also no boundaries in the house, everything goes. If you want it, you get it. If you want to eat it, then eat it.

  • Millennia parents try to fix what they think was wrong with their childhood

Yes, millennia parents think they went through the dark ages, and everything we were taught was carved with a chisel on stone. Thus by default must be wrong, and the total opposite must be done with our own children. By using all the newest technological research gadgets at our disposal and psychiatrists screaming right and wrong parenting through different media. We evaluate everything that ever happened to us and “realize” why the current world is so messed up, and ourselves included. Even when there was nothing wrong with us before we started reading or researching.

  • Millennia parents are scared that they might scar the child psychologically for life.

Somewhere in the human DNA, something happened in the last 100 years, our psyche took a big hit. Well, this is if we listen to millennia parents. Do not shout at a child, do not tell him, ask him. In heaven’s name do not tell the child he did something wrong. Should you be doing any of these things your child will be scarred for life, and surely will become the next serial killer everybody reads about. Every child must believe that he is a winner, there should be no competition, any hardship or uncomfortable situations for children.

  • Millennia parents believe everyone is a winner attitude

No man, how can everyone win? This is not possible. What are we teaching our children? It’s OK my boy, you just sit here and eat your burger, we will give you your participation medal after your burger. How will these children even compensate the idea to work hard, or fight for what they want in life when they are taught you get something for nothing? Life is a big competition, this you see everywhere in nature as well. We need to teach our children what you put in is it what you get out, not the opposite.

  • Millennia parents over analyzing everything.

For every theory, there is another theory. Should the child do something wrong, the millennia parent jumps on the internet, go to 100 boards 17 blogs and 12 studies, just to find out exactly how to handle this situation. By the time we have decided on a suitable, not scarring solution, the child already killed the dog and is now busy boiling the cat. Did I forget to mention that we also phoned 10 friends seven associations and the local childcare association? Just to make double sure that we are using the correct method for the particular situation without psychological long-term consequences to the child.

  • Millennia parents believe everyone is equal.

No manners that are what I call it. Children are now taught by millennia parents that we all are equal. Parents, grown-ups elderly, everybody are equal. No greeting politely, opening the doors for women or letting them walk in first. No standing up for the elderly in the bus, no more politeness or just plain good manners. Why? Because we are equal. Somewhere the lines got twisted. Equal does not mean any manners and no empathy for others.  We are all equal is misinterpreted as it’s all about me.

So I ask you what are we setting ourselves up for? Millennia parents, we are busy preparing our youth to take over the economy, the world and to be the leaders of the new age,  taking us forward. How are they going to do this without the right tools?  It starts at home, sometimes you have to step back in time to go forward. Old techniques are not always bad or wrong if the wheel works why reinvent it? Maybe we are getting it wrong?

Please check out this song “Gotta Love Millennials” I Love this song!

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