Who’s the stronger sex, men or women?

Who’s the stronger sex, men or women?

Dear Ladies, Mommies, and Wives.

I write this because of the stereotype that exists over men as the stronger sex.

See, the idea that men or society think that men are the stronger sex has long been proven to be absolute nonsense. You, ladies, are the glue that keeps our families together. Yes, my wife, I’m just too aware of the conversations you have with the children behind my back, helping them with the little emotional or personal problems that need special attention, such as personal hygiene, or undergarments that became too small, and need replacement.

I’m also quite aware that you get up very early in the morning while it’s still dark, and I am still fast asleep. I know that Every morning you prepare breakfast, pack the children’s lunch boxes, and make yourself look so pretty, that It looks like you are attending a beauty pageant, and this just for the day’s work. I am aware that you prepare food every night, wash clothes, get the kids ready for the bed and after that, you do the washing and ironing.

Sometimes you must do runs between the school, Doctor, shopping, or take the children to sports exercises.

Yes, it is also true that I still expect you to fulfill your marriage obligations to me with a tired and exhausted body, in the evenings. You are doing all of this after a whole day’s work at the office with all the stress that comes from a normal 9-5 job

I’m honest, I’m ashamed, because I know I do not do half what you do for this family. No, for sure you are the stronger sex and not us men. What can I do about it, that’s how society has changed, women are becoming the new “heroes” of our society. They get the big positions now, with the big salaries. I cannot even think of a reason why they should not get it, I mean just watching what you do in our households, why not run a big organization? Gone are the days when we, as men have to protect you from wild animals or dangers that lurk in the night, gone, are the days that we as men are providing for financial security.

Oh, my wife, I know for a fact that I cannot do what you do every day. I wish I could, I wish I could sit down and say I will do it all, but, I must confess, I cannot do what you do. I have to lower my head here and recognize that women are the stronger sex.

Yes, we may be physically stronger than you, but what benefit does that have in today’s society? We do not need to fight with bears to protect you, or to kill an animal for dinner. I do not think we as men, are adapted to what the present society expects from us. Therefore, I must openly acknowledge, women, you are the stronger sex, and not men, like we pretend to be.

My wife, I must thank you for allowing me to believe that I am still the stronger sex, and giving me some self-respect, by not stripping me from the last bit of masculinity I still possess.


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