Hi Parents,


This Blog is for all parents, new parents, young parents, old parents.  Being a parent, probably the most important job you will ever do, with the least amount of preparation, right? 

Yes, it is true, parenting does not come with a manual. Every child differs, even in the same household, their needs differ, and the way you interact with them differs. What works in one home does not necessarily work in other homes. However, you can never have enough information, and the basic principles stay the same.

The purpose of this blog is to try and be a one-stop blog for parenting, from baby-steps to higher education, from starting sports, to achieving the highest accolades in sport. Choosing schools, colleges. Sending the young one into the big world, hoping you did a good job, and that he or she is prepared to face the challenges. The rights, the wrongs, the do not do that, and the please do that.

Child psychology’, sport psychology, bullying in schools, education, relationships, lies, death, happy times, sad times. All these are questions we face somewhere in our lives and are not equipped to deal with. I will try to help you through this journey.

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Your parenting Coach.